Introducing the Blue Marlin Team from Gili Air!


Tony and Julie

Tony teaches in English and Bahasa Indonesian. He started as a bar man at star bar, next door, with no English, but a killer smile! He progressed into the diving and there was no stopping him. Loved by all his customers and work-colleagues alike. Its a privilege to learn to dive with Tony!

Julie teaches in Dutch, French, Spanish and English. She came to Gili-T for a season and fell in love with Gili Air. Sunshine, happiness and laughter is what she stands for. Always in a good mood, she will make your day good and your diving experiences even better!


Jimi teaches in Swedish, Spanish and English. He started with Blue Marlin in 2011. Came for a season and couldn’t leave. With Jimi’s handsome looks and great personality, we at Blue Marlin feel that we’re very lucky to have him.

Dive and Restaurant Staff

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The Mascot

Our first sighting of Splat was on a shipwrecked catamaran. Like everyone else he came for a day and never left.


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