Feel free to walk into any dive shop! Thanks to the price agreement set-up by the islands’ diving association, all the dive shops on Gili Air Island have the same prices.


Pool Try- out

Free Scuba Pool try- out

Every day @ Blue Marlin Dive Gili Air. We take you in the pool and let you try scuba- diving for free. Try it and you might discover a new passion!

Discover Scuba Diving:

It takes only half a day. Jump in the pool with one of our instructors and then go for a real dive on one of Gili’s beautiful reefs.

The Discover Scuba Diver program gives you the possibility to dive for 1 year, worldwide, until 12m with a Professional.

The Discover Scuba Diving program is in fact the first day of the Open Water, if you decide to continue, you only pay for the Open Water Course.

Price: 590, 000Rph, Minimum age 10.

Scuba Diver

The Scuba diver certification takes 2 days.  It consists of the 3 first chapters of the Open Water Course, that include theory, pool sessions and 2 Open Water Dives in the ocean.

The Scuba Diver certification gives you the possibility to dive until 12m, for life, accompanied by a dive professional.

To upgrade to Open Water Diver, you’ll need to complete 2 more chapters, pool session and 2 Open Water Dives in the ocean.

Price: 2, 450, 000 Rph, Minimum age 10.

Open Water Course

Newly Open Water certified! Congratulations!

The Open Water Course takes 3 days. It consists of 5 chapters, that include theory, pool sessions and 4 open water dives in the ocean.

The Open Water certification gives you the possibility to dive until 18m, for life. It makes you an independent diver. Which means that after completing this course, you are certified to dive without a professional, with your buddy! It gives you full knowledge of scuba- diving!

Advanced Open Water

The Advanced Open Water Course takes 2/3 days. It consists of 5 adventure dives. The main goal is to make you a better diver! More practice, less theory. This course will introduce you to various kinds of diving, depending on your preferences.

Two Adventure Dives are mandatory: Underwater Navigator and Deep Adventure Dive.

Tree Adventure Dives, you can choose out of the following:

Altitude diving, AWARE- Fish Identification, Boat diving, Diver Propulsion Vehicle, Drift Diving, Dry Suit Orientation, Multilevel and Computer diving, Night Diving, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Search and Recovery, Underwater Naturalist, Underwater Photograpy, Underwater videography or Wreck diving.

The Advanced Open Water certification gives you the possibility to dive until 30m (21m Junior Advanced), for life, independently with a dive buddy.

Price: 2, 700, 000Rph, Minimum age 12.

Emergency First Responder & Rescue Diver Course

♪ ♫ ♬ Come on baby, Rescue me! I’ve got you… ♪ ♫ ♬

During the Rescue diver Course the attention shifts from yourself to other divers. During this course we teach you how to prevent or deal with problems or emergencies.

You start with becoming an Emergency First Responder. Which gives you the knowledge to deal with any health emergency, on land.

This course is extremely rewarding. After completing this course, you will feel more confident and more comfortable during any dive. In control.

The course consists of training exercises in the swimming pool and in the ocean. After which we create fake emergency scenarios. Where we will test your skills and your ability to deal with emergency situations. with as main goal, improving your skills.

Price: with EFR 4, 400, 000Rph (no EFR 3, 400, 000Rph), minium age 15.

Dive Master Course

Become a professional! Take the big step and change your life forever! Learn to guide, assist & teach. share your passion for diving… Become a dive master & dive for a living!

Contact us  for more information. there are several possibilities. From 3 weeks up to 3 months and a half Internships.

We will teach you the theory of diving. Some physics, physiology, decompression theory and equipment.  Skill presentations and environmental conditions. Mapping, assisting courses and teaching. As well as teaching you the general day to day running’s of a dive shop. Filling out paperwork, signing in guests, selling equipment etc etc etc!

Become part of the Blue Marlin Gili Air family!

Price: Varies, 7, 350, 000Rph, Internship available! Contact us!

Other options:

  • Deep Speciality 2, 750, 000 Rph
  • Night Adventure Dive 590, 000 Rph
  • Nitrox Speciality (no dives) 1, 200, 000 Rph
  • Nitrox speciality (2 dives) 2, 000, 000 Rph
  • Scuba Review 590, 000 Rph
  • Fun Dive 370, 000 Rph
  • Night dive470, 000 Rph

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