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The majority of the dives around the Gili Islands,  are drift dives. We glide with the current and get picked up by the boat. All the dive shops dive the dive sites around the three islands.

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Dive sites around the Gili Islands

Our favorites

Hans Reef / Frog-fish point

If you love macro, you will love Hans reef. Located north of Gili Air, just 5 minutes away by boat from our dive shop. The slope takes you down along a sandy bottom, to different pinnacles.

This dive site is suitable for all divers. Maximum depth can reach around 23m, On the other hand the average depth is 12-14m.

clown frogfish (Antennarius maculatus)

Clown frog- fish

The marine life here is abundant! The pinnacles are packed with reef fish, camouflaged scorpion fish, cuttle fish, octopus,… Our popular turtles are often around. Blue spotted sting rays are hiding under the sand, with as only give away there eyes and the tip of their tail.

The highlights here are the pipe fish, the frog fish and the occasional eagle rays or others amazing creatures passing by!

A hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata) at...

Hawksbill turtle

Halik/  Coral Fan garden

Halik often has a good current pushing us forward along the reef, the dive ends on a  turtle garden.

Average depth is 9-12m, with a maximum depth around 25m. The slope is full of reef fish, giant moray eels and banded sea kraits hiding in the hard corals. The high light on this dive is the occasional black tip reef shark coming up for a visit through the upwelling cold current.

Whitetip reef sharks (Triaenodon obesus) in a ...

Whitetip reef sharks

Turtle City/ Shark Point (Deep)

Located off Gili Trawangan. Shark point is where we go looking for sharks! Considered as one of the best dives of the islands. With as main attraction the black tip and white tip reef sharks.  Drop down on the deep side, and descend 30m to arrive where the sharks live. Or start in the shallow at turtle city and work your way deeper to observe the sharks escaping the divers from the deep. You can also observe some big schools of barracudas and snappers. Several turtles and blue spotted stingrays. There’s also a leaf scorpion fish, if we can find it ;).

Takat Penyu

Drop in the middle of the ocean, in between Lombok and Bali. Drop down on 26m and descend into the deep, to find a reef that hides pygmy seahorses! Where corals are still untouched.

Gili Air Wall

This wall dive descends from 6m, over a turtle garden into the deep until 28m. In the wall, many creatures are hiding. Lobsters, moray eels, reef fish are circling the wall in schools.


Sunset/ Manta Point

Located on the southern side of Gili Trawangan. Pristine, like diving in an aquarium! White tip and black tip reef sharks, turtles, schools of snappers, sweet lips, butterfly fish,  soldier fish, squirrel fish, But mostly appreciated for its variation of hard corals. Large beds of  stag-horn corals.

Big extravagant leafy crater corals, that look like underwater cauliflowers, in vibrant pink. Complimented by the asymmetrical goat fish and his “buddy” the red snapper.  Along sunsets slope the bold purple and maroon stag horn coral is an ideal nursery for schools of juvenile big-eye cardinal fish, box fish and the long- nose file fish. Into the deep, various big fish flock to sunset for its famous efficient cleaning station!

Sunset has a play full surge, and is mostly protected from the Gili’s strong currents. with a calm relaxing dive. As you’re peacefully drifting along, the sunset reef, you are pleasantly taken by surprise, by a resting white tip or a racing black tip.

Located in the Lombok straight, it makes for the opportunity to witness the larger pelagic.


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